Faz is our founder, he studied at Deakin where he never really filmed any weddings. Not even a pretend one. In between listening to Britpop while he edits his latest wedding footage. He’s also a self-confessed cat man who sadly doesn’t own a cat anymore. He does have some kids who he has found out are not remotely like his beloved cat.

They shed less hair, but are also a lot more noisy.

Which is why he loves to shoot weddings. He actually loves weddings, the people he meets, the hilarious speeches he hears and the amazing venues he gets to be. He also get to escapes his kids for a few hours and if he’s lucky he gets to hear some Britpop on the dance floor.

He loves get to know you and your quirks in preparation, capture the tiny beautiful details on your day, find the perfect music to complement your footage, and bring it all together in a blow-your-socks-off video that is undisputedly, remarkably ‘you.’



Abhi is our token millennial (well our youngest millennial anyway) And like every millennial, he can only drive auto. They say if you want to remain young, have younger people around you, so we hired Abhi.

He just finished his film study at Uni and has directed a couple of shorts.
His passion for film making and relaxed vibe helps us all chill out and he always seems to manage to hit the dance floor at any wedding to show off his moves.

One day you may be able to say, this award winning film director shot our wedding.



Dey is our master on the editing suite by day and Faz’s sister by night.

Editing is not the only thing she master though, as she also gained a Master degree in Media from RMIT.

What baffles us about Dey is she doesn’t drink coffee. How can a Melbourne girl not like coffee? We constantly tease her as she requests her chai latte on our coffee runs.

While it’s not a prerequisite to be a romantic, quite a few of our team definitely seem to be. She loves to explain why exactly “Before Sunrise” is the best out of the rom com trilogy.

Most importantly, Dey has an eye for design, she designed our booklet and pricelist. Her eye for design also comes in handy when she needs to locate key moments amongst all the endless footage and then piece them together seamlessly crafting them into your own classic love story.



Ellena is our original iconic team member and also our token crazy cat lady. (No seriously don’t be surprised if she whips out her phone and shows you a picture of her cats at your wedding!)

Cats aside, this endearingly awkward and bubbly character is one you definitely want to have at your wedding. Whether she fits in like an extra bridesmaid or cracks a funny dad joke whilst you’re nervously waiting at the aisle, she is the one you want there to capture your day.

You’ll see her always with camera in hand, capturing those quirky elements that make you uniquely you and she’ll be sure to make those moments shine when it comes to piecing together your edit.



Jason is The Man, and we think he is the best videographer in town.

He’s easy going, loves his dog and often is seen laughing on a shoot. Jason always have fun on the day. His humour helps him get a smile and some laughs from our nervous couples.
He always pushing himself to the limits and exploring unique ways to capture your footage on the day.

His eye for details allow him to capture those small moments, that paint the bigger picture. His skills and expertise are essential in bringing your wedding to the big screen and ensuring the memory lasts forever.

To see some of the weddings he shot, you can check on this link: https://vimeo.com/manage/albums/5211102