Wedding Film Melbourne – Jenna & Phil

Albert Park Wedding – Phil & Jenna

Its only August, but Phil & Jenna’s wedding held at Albert Park is already a contender for our wedding of the year. The wedding was so much fun and we were very excited working on it.

When we arrived at Phil’s house, we were in awe of Phil’s figurine collection. From Dragon Ball to Batman to Superman. But his favourite character is Deadpool, and that’s why they got their celebrant to dress up as Deadpool at the ceremony. It caught everyone by surprise, to say the least! ????

Jenna’s morning was much more calmer and composed, however it was still a lot of fun capturing her trying to calm her nerves. All the bridesmaid were in full support while doing their best to get Jenna ready for the ceremony in time. Luckily, they were getting ready at Pullman Hotel, which is only across the street from their venue, The Park at Albert Park.


Once we got to the ceremony, we were not only surprised by the Deadpool celebrant ???? but also the Jedi flower girl and paige boy, of course with their lightsaber in hand.

We headed off to the lake at Albert Park to capture some beautiful sunset shots (nothing beats sunset shots!). We always try to capture the vibe of the bridal party. This bridal party were true to their name, however, this particular one stood out more than others. They were being playful and having fun throughout our photoshoot, so was important for us to include the shots of them having a laugh at each other :).


You know you have a good party when your dance floor is full, and thats exactly what happened at Phil & Jenna’s wedding. Young and old, kids and adults, all mixed together dancing the night away. It’s always great capturing the dance floor scene, and time always seems to fly by so quickly when everyone is having so much fun.

They concluded the night with a traditional garter toss and a bouqet throw, which always brings excitement to the crowd.

Congratulations to Phil & Jenna!

Phil & Jenna Albert Park Wedding:

Photographer: Lavan Photography

Car: Checker Cab

Venue: The Park at Alber Park