You best believe we cried. And you best believe we laughed. This wedding had everything; from the comedic bridal party, to the tear jerking family videos sent from the other side of the world. Steve and Jen themselves were a joy to work with. The details to this incredible wedding are as follows.


Steve’s preparation took place at his parent’s house in Mill park and Jen wasn’t too far away in South Morang. From the get go, this wedding was in full blast. The dancing at Steve’s place went lasted hours, and every minute was worth while. It wouldn’t be surprising if Jen could hear the drums from her place! Jen’s preparation was a little more calm and tranquil. She was surrounded by those closest to her as she donned her beautiful dress. 


The ceremony took place at the Macedonian Orthodox Church in Mill Park. This location is amazingly traditional with an incredibly stunning interior. As the ceremony progressed, so did the melding of two cultures.


We were positively giddy with excitement as we laid eyes on this place. From the magnificent trees to the cutest animals in the world. Yes, there were animals in our presence at this location, and we incorporated them as much as we could. From playing with them ourselves, to letting the bride and groom bask in their beauty, this place was a true privilege to shoot at.


Steve and Jen chose The Park for their reception. A magical and grand location, The Park was the perfect location to intimately fit all of Steve and Jen’s privileged guests. The speeches went from hilarious to tearful. From joyful to grateful. Videos were sent in from Jen’s relatives from around the world. Videos which tugged at the heart strings of everyone in attendance.

We are thankful to Steve and Jen for letting us be a part of their beautiful wedding. It was an honest pleasure to be in attendance of such deep love and we wish them the best for their future married life!

It was also a pleasure to work with Teodora as the photographer!



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