Shawnee & Semisi Jr, – Vogue Ballroom, Burwood

Shawnee & Semisi – Samoan Maori Wedding Film

The best thing about being a Wedding Videographer in Melbourne is that you get to see the cultures of the world without having to travel the globe!

When we found out that Shawnee and Semisi’s wedding was going to be a mix of Samoan & Maori culture, we knew we were in for an awesome ride!

The warmth, the colours, the vibe, the fun, and the traditions that both sides of the family brought to this wedding was truly amazing and we hope we’ve showcased that in this film!


It was only the start of the day but shooting for the preparation was so much fun! Semisi got ready with the boys whilst Shawnee’s place consisted of mostly family as her extended family travelled all the way from New Zealand. Their two adorable children, Armani and Season, were also present and were very well-mannered throughout the day. They made no complaints, just smiles to the camera all the time ???? This was my first experience seeing both the bride and groom so relaxed and chilled out. This ‘go with the flow’ vibe continued on throughout the day which helped us relax and enjoy every moment too!


The wedding ceremony was at Wilson Botanical Gardens Berwick which was surprisingly a breathtaking location. We hadn’t been there before and we didn’t know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised. The weather was nice and complimented the location which was full of nature’s greenery. It made an amazing backdrop to shoot the most intimate part of the wedding. As you could see in the film, it was lovely and emotional with tears flowing and smiles beaming from family and the bridal party. Shout out to Benn Stone from Melbourne Cityside Celebrant. He did a great job at delivering an intimate and a professionally written ceremony.


The location shoot was at the same place, we just went around the garden. The weather was sort of on and off so it was challenging to get consistent lighting. There were times where we would set up a shot and the lighting would suddenly change. However, we overcame that challenge as we managed to capture some amazing shots. Especially before the end of the location time when the sun was shining through. We took that opportunity to capture some amazing backlight/flare shots. It was also great working with Mike from Mike and Amy Photographer who was so chilled and relaxed. He made everyone around him comfortable.


The reception was like no other reception! The bridal party entrance was like a dance off competition as all the bridesmaids and groomsmen were showing off their dancing skills. There were a lot of cultural performances from both sides of the family too. Semisi’s Samoan family performing their traditional Samoan dance, and Shawnee’s Maori family performing the Haka. It was certainly interesting to watch and experience it as an outsider from their culture as the Samoan and Maori culture are very similar but at the same time very different.

We ended the highlight with the shot of Shawnee & Semisi with their daughters as we thought it was very fitting to represent their family value and intimacy to each other.

Congratulations again to Shawnee & Semisi!

Samoan Maori Wedding Film

Venue: Vogue Ballroom

Photographer: Mike and Amy Photography

Celebrant: Melbourne Cityside Celebrant