LOVE, LAUGH and DANCE ; is how we summed up this wedding. Oscar and Kathleen’s wedding was a non-stop flow of emotions from uncontrollable laughter to tears. It was such a pleasure to be part of it. We could not stop smiling, watching these moments come together in this video.

Both Oscar and Kathleen prep themselves for the ceremony at the Potters rustic yet sophisticated suites. All smiles were on as precious moments were captured through our lenses as the couple spent time getting ready with each of their parents alongside the groomsmen and bridesmaids respectively.

Oscar and Kathleen tied the knot in the indoor Potters chapel. The indoor venue made the event much more intimate yet large enough to fill all the love from friends and family. And it made a picture perfect moment!

The Potters venue has everything needed for the perfect wedding . The rainy and cloudy weather made the day feel more romantic. And with the talent of Lavan Photography team, nothing was miss! I mean who wouldn’t want to kiss under the umbrella?

Dance, dance and more dancing! The reception was filled with non-stop dancing, laughter and love. With the mariachi band hitting the reception off, we knew it was going to be a blast! If this description of the wedding reception does not make you dance then we are sure that the video will get you off your feet!


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