Oscar & Athina – Red Hill Wedding

Oscar & Athina – Red hill wedding

It’s an understatement to say this wedding was such an emotional one. Tears were free flowing on the day, and we edited the film with a box of tissue on standby.

The day started with a surprise from Athina to Oscar. It wasn’t just any ordinary surprise but it was a Mariachi Band surprise! We had never really been exposed to Mexican culture before, so it was a surprise for us too as much as it was for Oscar. It was indeed exciting for us listening to the music and to see the passion of Oscar’s family. Oscar’s parents became really emotional during this moment so we couldn’t resist ourselves to capture every single teardrop :).

Arriving at Athina’s place, we were welcomed not only by Athina’s family, but also her extended family. They did a lot of work on the house, and it certainly shows in the video. Athina also got a sweet little surprise from her sister at the house. There was a drummer and Greek music playing as Athina was getting ready to go to church for the ceremony. The traditional Greek music and dancing truly added a colourful and fun scene into the edit.


The ceremony was a little bit delayed (as usual) but it was undoubtedly worth the wait. We finally saw Oscar’s first tears when Athina walked down the aisle, and it was undoubtedly captivating seeing the two of them admiring one another for the first time on the day. There was a combination of Hispanic and Greek culture at the church which enriched the vibe of the ceremony event.

Athina and Oscar walked out of the aisle to a roaring applause as they headed to Lindenderry at Red Hill.


We always love winery/country weddings and we had a wonderful time filming Oscar & Athina with their bridal party before the reception began. We sneaked out about half an hour before their entrance with just the two of them to get more shots done. This is when we took the chance of capturing amazing shots of them both.

At night fall, the party finally began. Latin and Greek music was again the theme of the night. It was refreshing seeing Oscar’s family singing Latin music together. Oscar was tearful once more during this moment, as the song was presented to him by his dad. There was also lots of great moments during the Greek dancing, as Athina and her dad danced the night away.

Congratulations to Athina & Oscar.

Red Hill Wedding

Photographer: White Chilli Photography

Venue: Lindenderry Red Hill

DJ: Paul Antoniadis

Dress: Raffaele Ciuca