Jacqueline & Tim – Sorrento Wedding Film


We had a pretty epic Summer of shooting weddings and Jaqueline & Tim’s was one of them! Everything about this day just oozed warmth and happiness, from the weather through to their emotional ceremony… this is what we dream of when we hear “Summer Wedding”.


Jacqueline’s beautiful morning started an apartment just outside Sorrento. Surrounded by her giggly bridesmaids, the girls spent their morning relaxing & being pampered, of course they indulged in a glass of champagne (or two) along the way! The boys on the other hand chilled on the balcony in the sunshine and enjoyed a couple of beers!


These high school sweethearts then made their way down to The Baths in Sorrento. Wow do we love this venue! The views are absolutely breath taking & the relaxed vibe matched Jacqueline & Tim’s day perfectly. Arriving in the car she used to drive to the beach in, Jacqueline looked breathtaking. Their ceremony was heartfelt and so genuine.


After the ceremony, we hung around Sorrento beach to capture some amazing location footage. We also got to work with Sigrid Paterson, who is an awesome photographer and ever cooler pal! After the location shoot and before they make their way to the reception, the entire bridal party do their bridal dance at the beach, just as the sun began to set.. talk about some wedding day magic!


We then made our way back into The Baths for some fine dining, speeches & dancing. Jacqueline’s mum had sadly passed away before the wedding, however Tim had promised her that he would give Jaqueline “ the best day of her life”.. well Tim we can safely say that you did that & so much more!


Photographer: Sigrid Patterson

Venue: The Bath, Sorrento