Jacinta & Travis – Encore, St Kilda

This may not be your usual beach wedding, but a very unique one indeed.

Jacinta & Travis’s awesome day is proof that rain, strong wind and all around freezing weather shouldn’t ruin your wedding day.

All you need is each other, and a couple of handwarmers (Google it, its awesome!)

We had been checking the weather forecast before the day, and biting our nails hoping that it would not rain. We were imagining sunset shots with all the glorious golden colours around St Kilda being the main theme of the video. All we got however, was a cloudy and super windy day with droplets of rain here and there.

Hence, we thought it was only fitting that the song and the completed edit style we chose for the video with will be something calm and atmospheric. So we struck gold when we found the track Seaside by Haux. The style and sound of the song suites so well with the ambience of the day. The title itself is Seaside, which is where Encore is located. What a coincidence!

The Morning

When Jacinta informed us she would be getting ready at The Prince Hotel, we thought “Awesome!” The Prince Hotel is one of our favourite spots for prep shoots. The quirky style and the tiny details of the bits and bobs in the room is super cool! But best of all, the room always provides plenty of natural light and we love, love, love natural light!

The Day

Jacinta & Travis are both musicians. They’re not just any average musician, but they work in the wedding industry. Therefore, they have many friends and colleagues who are professional musicians too. Their friends played a beautiful piece during the ceremony and as a result, we were so moved with how enchanting and beautiful the ceremony was.

Right when they walked out of the church, heaven opened up a little bit. The kiss outside of the church with droplets of rain as the foreground was truly an amazing moment to capture.

Afterwards we took a few shots in front of Palais Theatre. Palais Theatre served as a perfect backdrop with the uber cool Checker Cab that framed them side by side.

We went to St Kilda beach just outside of Encore for more shots with just the two of them and although it was freezing cold, they were just too in love with one another to even bother with the weather. We had a lot of fun and it’s always a pleasure filming alongside with the folks at White Tree.

The Night

At night fall, Encore was buzzing around with family and friends who were having an amazing time. It’s always a good sign when you need to squeeze through the dance floor, showing that it’s packed with dancing guests. It was a fitting way to end the day with a rocking dance floor, as it had been a truly awesome day to shoot.

Congratulations to Jacinta and Travis!

Venue: Encore, St Kilda

Photographer: White Tree

Preparation Hotel : The Prince

Car: Checker Cab

MC: Garth Ploug