It was far from difficult to capture the beauty of this couple. Emmi and Darren are soul mates, a fact which is evident whenever one is in the presence of their love.


Emmi and Darren both chose to get prepared at Safety Beach, in slightly different locations, yet still close to one another. Fun and laughter was in no shortage as the couple prepared for the big day ahead. Emmi and her bridesmaids made for some incredible fun while Darren and the boys engaged in some lively banter.


The ceremony was presided over Emmi’s family member, who did a spectacular job in his ceremony and then in his advice to the couple. Some of the advice is captured in our video above, but we can assure you that he was full of more wisdom than the brief snippets we have provided. 


Emily Jane was the photographer for this occasion and she did a meticulous and superb job, capturing the intricate little moments between Emmi and Darren. From the shots at the church to the trendy city, Emily was able keep the couple at ease, which translates to her wonderful photos and the footage we were able to capture.


Quat Quatta was the location for the grand finale. With the incredible decor and lavish vibe, Quat Quatta provided the unique opportunity to dance the night away and enjoy the luxury all at once. And you can be sure that everyone did just that. Everything at this location was on point, making for one hell of a wedding.

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