Deborah & Saher – Stones of the Yarra Valley – Wedding

Deborah & Saher – Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding Film

Here at Iconic Pictures we know that Stones of the Yarra Valley is one of the best venue in Melbourne. So when Deborah & Saher approached us to do their wedding film, we were so chuffed to shoot at the Stones. However, as the day got closer, weather forecast kept showing that it was going to be a wet and rainy day. It indeed turned out to be a really, really wet and rainy day.

But as people say, the show must go on, rain, hail or shine.

We started the day at Saher’s house and he showed us his Egyptian cotton shirt (Egyptian is his background) and a box of Swiss Chocolate (Swiss is Deborah’s background). It’s always great capturing little details like this which tells us a little bit about the couple.

We drove up to Deborah’s place and it was amazing to see Deborah’s bridesmaids who came all the way from Switzerland helping her out on her big day. It’s moments like this that remind us we have the best job. It feels great to have the honour in capturing special moments.


This is when the excitement happens.

Saher and the boys were meant to ride a helicopter from the city to Yarra Valley. However, as they got to the city, they found out that the helicopter couldn’t fly because of the rain. So, they had to drive all the way to Yarra Valley, on Friday afternoon, in the rain. It was a chaotic afternoon with heavy traffic plus the rainy weather so  the ceremony was delayed for more than an hour.

This created an edgy and nervous feel from everyone. Every wedding has it’s own unique story unfold on the day so we knew that we had to create a story out of it, hence, why we included it in the intro to the Highlight. We definitely think the rainy weather actually fit the mood at Stones.

When Saher finally rocked up we’ve never been happier to see a groom arrive.


Because the ceremony was delayed almost a couple of hours late, we almost had no time to do some shots with the couple. It was still raining too outside so we stayed inside to get a few shots with Debbie & Saher for about 15 minutes before we headed to the reception venue. Deborah & Saher ended the formality of the night with their bridal dance. The night then ended up with the guard of honour as they walked out of the venue to roaring applause.

Congratulations to Deborah & Saher!

Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding Film

Photographer: Lavan Photography 

Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley