Ray & Jade, Belvedere Social – Daylesford

Ray & Jade – Daylesford Wedding video

“I know for a long time that I’m the luckiest man alive” 

That was Ray, during his speech confessing his love to his bride.

Ray & Jade’s charming wedding at Daylesford was really relaxing and tranquil. Ray is from Ballarat, and Jade is from Geelong, so it was important they chose a location somewhere in between the 2 area’s, and Daylesford it was. 

There are so many reasons why we love country weddings and one of them being everything is mostly sourced from within the community which makes any wedding feel more special and intimate. 


We started the day with Ray and his best man, Lachlan, who tried his best to keep Ray at ease and calm his nerves. We don’t blame Ray because who wouldn’t be nervous getting ready to commit their life to their better half and building up the courage to confess their love and vows witnessed by your closest loved ones. So, to ease the tension and nerves they joked around, had a few laughs and most important just had fun. Ray finally relaxed and was ready to go to the ceremony. 

We then headed to Jade’s who was having a great time with her best friend Emma. After they got their hair and makeup done, Jade’s little sister Maya arrived and there was a lovely bond between the 2 of them which was quite special to see. We can’t miss those kind of moments to capture and we’re glad to preserve that memory on video. 


The ceremony was held at Lavandula Farm, which is about 15 minutes north of Daylesford. 

It is a spectacular property with an enchanting garden and what other better way to a perfect day than having beautiful warm weather.

Jo Betz, the celebrant conducting the ceremony with her usual grace shared a little background story to the families and friends gathered there of how Ray and Jade met and it had them all smiling. 

After their kiss they walked out the aisle as their family and friends popped confetti’s as a way to start the celebration of their marriage. It wasn’t just any ordinary confetti’s though. They had brought a confetti canon which can throw the confetti petals up to 2 metres high. It was quite a special sight seeing the confetti’s falling on to the newlyweds like rain.


We filmed some shots of the newlyweds in and around the garden and it wasn’t hard to notice that they are so in love one other because they showed so much affection and had fun with each other. It’s so easy capturing couples who show their chemistry right away and are not camera shy because all we need to do is just capture those un-posed genuine little moments. Makes our work so much easier ☺


The celebration was held in a really hip and cool reception at Belvedere Social. It was a cocktail party so it was pretty laid back and chill but still heaps of fun. The lovely staff were really awesome at making sure all the guests were accommodated. 

Congratulations to Ray and Jade!



Venue: Belvedere Social

Photographer: Lauren Alyce

Celebrant: Jo Betz