Tom & Tori – The Terrace, Botanical Garden Wedding Film

Tom & Tori – The Terrace Wedding Film

Tom & Tori’s wedding day was nothing short of amazing. We believe every couple and every wedding is different, so we thought to edit this one a little more differently. We feel this highlight represents their day the best  ????

Enjoy and congratulations to Tom & Tori!


The groom and the bride of course got ready in separate places. Tom’s morning consisted of quality time with his brother whilst Tori’s morning included many family members. Both mornings were filled with lots of smiles and laughs, and a bit of tears here and there. It was quite emotional time with Tori and her father too. It feels as if he was preparing himself to entrust his little princess into the hands of her chosen prince. I love capturing these golden moments as they bring so much emotion into the video. Tom was super dashing with his suit and Tori looked incredibly elegant with her full-sleeved dress and hair worn down, illuminating her natural beauty.


The ceremony was initially planned to be in the garden but due to nature wanting to rain lightly and be windy, they opted for plan B which was at the terrace of the reception place which was also called the ‘Terrace’. Even though it was not at its intended location it did not fall short of an amazing ceremony complete with guests of family, friends, and even some primary school students as the bride is a primary teacher. Not to mention the emotions felt, all the smiles, the tears, and happiness.


We shot mostly around the Royal Botanical Gardens which is always beautiful as it is bursting with greenery and lovely seasonal flowers, and of course the view of the wetlands. The couple’s chosen photographer was Lavan Photogprahy and it is always a pleasure working with them. Lavan really knows how to play with light and his work always looks very natural which also corresponds to our style. As we mentioned before about the rain, we were blessed to be given a bit of a sunny break in between the clouds which we took the chance to capture a lot of great footage. It also made our job easier working with such a gorgeous couple where their love shinned through in every frame.


The reception was so much fun! Tom’s speech was awesome and that is why we used a lot of them in the highlight. The couple’s friends and family had a blast and danced the night away like not a care in the world and we really do hope we showed that enough in the highlight. We always aim to create a video exactly how the day planned out including all emotions and the atmosphere and we truly think this represented Tom and Tori’s day.

Congratulations again to Tom & Tori!

The Terrace Wedding Film

Venue: The Terrace

Photographer: Lavan Photography