ALOHA! We were so excited to be part of Steph and Rich wedding . Not only that it was happening in the beautiful island of Hawaii but also to be part of 2 beautiful and most down to earth couple we ever had. 


Both Steph and Rich prepared in the beautiful Moana Surfrider Hotel resort. Trying on the wedding dress which was perfectly made by Trish lee with front row seats of the crystal clear blue waters of Hawaii! Which bride wouldn't want that?!

The couple tied the knot at the Hau Terrace at Halekulani Hotel. Beautifully covered in simple white flower crown, garlands and traditional Hawaiian rituals. It was a blissful moment that took our breath away.

When your are in Hawaii, there is no such thing as a bad venue for photographs. From the bride and groom preparation at Moana Surfrider to Halekulani Hotel each moment was taken beautifully by the talented Ashley Goodwin photography. 

The reception was filled with stories of Steph and Rich from friends and family in the Halekulani Hotel with crystal blue waters of Hawaii painting the perfect canvas. And as the came night the dance floor lit up!