What’s in store when you are booked to film a Greek Indian wedding? A combination of Bollywood meets my BigGreek wedding. These two cultures were basically the same with their love of family food, tradition and festivities! 


The groom described it as ‘The coming together of  Souvlaki and tandoori chicken’ and this wedding lasted an epic 3 days.

When weddings last 3 days, wedding videos are essential to capture and document the entire epic wedding because you can’t possibly be able to remember all the details and excitement and emotion. Both the groom and bride prepared for their final day by getting ready at their parent’s house. The bridesmaids joked about Shru-Zilla, but any bride is going to be a little high strung  when their wedding is an epic 3 day production The boys toasted their groom with cognac and cheered to him for making it through all the multiple outfit changes .

This 3-day event included many events including, Sangeet, which was a traditional Indian costume and a dance performance night from family and friends. They also did a Haldi ceremony, in here, which includes a blessing and lots of cumin powder to the hand and the face. Finally, they had two different wedding ceremonies on Sunday: Quat Quatta for Hindu Ceremony, and Orthodox Greek Church in Coburg for Greek ceremony. By the final Sunday ceremonies, they were  overjoyed to officially be married.

The amazing Dijana Risteska was the photographer to capture all the days and multiple events and she did it effortlessly. Capturing the magic, love and uniqueness if all the wedding days, festivities  and outfits, They ended their wedding days with photos taken in both random Melbourne laneways and crown rooftop.

Given the many events and days involved with this wedding extravaganza finishing at the The River Room at Crown on Sunday was a perfect way to celebrate the days and events that led up to this final celebration. Speeches, jokes food and family were the focus with everyone enjoying themselves and the bride and groom celebrating the beginning of their new life

When both dads gave nick the same advice for marriage happy wife happy life he promised to honour that and you could just see Shruthi  mentally expanding her shoe collection. This wedding was like a Bollywood production meets my fat greek wedding or ‘Grindian’ as Shruti’s sister called it was tons of fun, lots of colours, and all sorts of epicness. We thoroughly enjoyed capturing all the special moments and memories for this awesome couple.