Wow, what an amazing energy and love that Sarah & Ty have! It truly was a privilege to capture their super cool wedding day.


Sarah started her morning surrounded by her family and closest gal pals in Smythes Creek. Being the awesome and no-fuss lady she is, her main focus was taking the morning easy, sipping on a few champagnes and listening to some great tunes. Meanwhile, Ty got ready at their house in Ballarat with David, Lachey and Mittens (their beloved cat baby!)

We then made our way to Kirk’s Reservoir Park for a warm and lively ceremony. Ty’s sister sang as the guests arrived and as Sarah walked down the aisle. Her performance was so memorable that we knew we had to include it in the highlight! A real standout of Sarah & Ty’s ceremony was their hilarious personalised vows. Not ones to take themselves or life too seriously, their vows were a perfect reflection of them and who they are as a couple!

After the ceremony, we made our way around the park and then to Ballarat for their location shoot. We loved working with photographer Kas Richards and a real highlight for us was when she pulled out the smoke bombs. It was our first (and hopefully not last) time working with them and we loved the moody and modern vibe they created!

For the reception we made our way to Housey Housey. We’re going to call it and say it is one of the coolest venues in Ballarat! We can’t talk about the reception without mentioning the amazing father and daughter dance. This is one of our favourite moments ever from a wedding reception. Not only was everyone in stitches from laughing, but our eyes were also filled with tears because of the amount of love between these two. It takes a pretty cool dad to break it down to Backstreet Boys! After the iconic dance, everyone joined them on the dance floor and boogied the night away!