We were thrilled to be chosen with the honour of capturing a lifetime of memories for our first same-sex wedding. Robbie and Mitch waited 15 years to be able to make it official in Melbourne, the town they both met, live and love. 


These grooms to be had no intentions of being separated during the pre-wedding preparation. They chose to both get ready together at The Blackman hotel in Albert Park We witnessed, their special  bond and love as they assisted and reassured each other in getting ready for their special day. They all toasted with some  pre celebratory wedding bubbles, before joining their guests.

 The Carousel in Albert Park, was the location for their outdoor ceremony  and both groomsmen were escorted down the aisle by Mitch’s proud mother.  Given Mitch’s patience with Robbie’s weekly Madonna marathons, it’s hardly surprising he was also patient in the time it took Australia to approve him being able to marry the love of his life. Madonna’s Cherish was incorporated into their vows, to smiles and applause all around.

The grooms chose to shoot their photos before the ceremony with photographer Andrew Bott He captured their joy and love for each other all over Melbourne from the Victorian Barracks to St Kilda Beach and finally Albert Park.

Robbie acknowledged their special day wouldn’t have been possible if everyone had not voted yes last year and thanked all those that did. Finally being able to marry after 15 years together this wedding was filled with tears, smiles and joy as everyone celebrated and danced up a storm at the reception, welcoming their newlywed status.

Both the boys family were thrilled to be able to finally officially welcome them to each other’s families. “Lucky beyond imagination to get to build a life with you,” said Mitch and capturing  Robbie’s love reflected back in those words. We knew how lucky we were to be chosen to capture this magical milestone moment.