“Oran, you are my favourite person to do everything with, and my favourite person to do nothing with”. What perfect words to describe our super relaxed lovers.


Emma & Oran’s fabulous Autumn wedding was held at Emma’s Aunt & Uncle’s private property in the Yarra Valley. The boy’s morning was super chilled as they enjoyed a couple of beers and shot some hoops. Emma ( who wore a beautifully tailored dress by Rachel Gilbert. ) and the girls on the other hand, indulged in some champagne, shared lots of laughs, oh and even fed the goats!

Their picturesque ceremony was held in a paddock on the private property. It was simple, beautiful & elegant… much like our couple! They didn’t want to put too much emphasis on the styling of the day and instead took a minimalistic approach. Though we would say Sass and Bloom florist skills was enough to make the place look complete. After all, the memories you will cherish are those you create with the nearest & dearest you’ve chosen to celebrate your wedding with! After some heartfelt and personalised vows, it was time for an epic location shoot!

For the shoot we ventured out into the Yarra Valley and were joined by our photographer friend Lilli from I got you babe Weddings. We also decided to whip out our drone to capture some insane aerial shots. We loved how relaxed Emma & Oran were during the shoot, once again not wanting to focus on any posed shots, these guys stayed true to their natural and candid selves. Personalities that work perfectly with our style of shooting!

For the reception, we headed back to the private property for one hell of a party! We loved the indoor-outdoor theme, set half under the marquee whilst also keeping plenty of open space to dance and drink under the moonlit stars. We really do love ourselves a private property wedding and Emma & Oran’s day is one we won’t be forgetting for a long time!