We believe that Anna and Dish never get anything done at home. It would be too hard with the constant laughter both of them induce. This is not just restricted to the couple though. Anyone in close proximity to Anna and Dish is sure to be clutching their stomachs with uncontrollable laughter. Working with these two never felt like work to us. Rather, we felt like we won tickets to a comedy duo in love.


Preparation was calm in both camps. Dish and the boys had a chill morning with beers and some nice food (some of which Dish cut up himself), while Anna and the girls had fun with champagne and plenty of laughter.


The ceremony took place at the rustic and inviting Gather and Tailor. Lara Williams beautifully conducted the ceremony as she wonderfully recited the story of Anna and Dish. The meld of cultures was incredible to watch as lamps where lit in traditional Sir Lankan ritual.


We took the couple around the area to take some truely beautiful shots of them. The comfort between both the bridal party and the couple made for some truly candid shots. We are proud of the film we made and it is all due to how wonderfully engaging and relaxed these two were through out the day, especially during the location shoot.


The reception was again held at Gather and Tailor. Pepper Sprout Hire and Good Day Rentals was there to completely renovate the location to hold a rowdy reception while Lark Music provided the music.

We were grateful just to be a part of Anna and Dish’s special day. However, we never would have imagined just how much laughter we were to have. It was all due to the magical personalities of both of them. We wish them the best in their future married life.