Andrew & Dagmara – Private Property, Mt Macedon

Andrew & Dagmara – Private Property, Mt Macedon Wedding

Andrew and Dagmara’s wedding was a dream come true. Not only for the couple, but also for us 🙂 Located on a private property, with a lovely couple, under the warmth of the country sun, surrounded by the most welcoming family and friends, grey suits for the groom and groomsmen, and a flower crown for the bride; it had everything that makes a cool wedding!


We started the day at Andrew’s uncle’s place at Mt Macedon. The boys and some of Andrew’s relatives were chilling out at the backyard. With only a few hours to go we had to tell them to go shower 🙂 The groomsmen’s suits really fit the style of the wedding. We of course didn’t miss to include the shot of Andrew’s niece and the dog as they were incredibly cute!

We then made our way to Dagmara’s place, which is Andrew and Dagmara’s own house and the location of the wedding. Having a wedding in your own backyard is indeed something special, but it made Dagmara a bit edgy and nervous as she was the one organising everything. It was certainly a touching moment when Dagmara met her nieces and nephews.


The ceremony started with Andrew and Dagmara’s nieces and nephews walking down the aisle decorating the ground with petals of flowers. It was such an adorable moment that invited everyone to clap out of happiness. Marion Church, the celebrant, was surely awesome at conducting the ceremony, especially since she knows the couple, so this gave it a bit more of a personal touch. In the clip she says, “What a lovely setting, what a lovely couple, let’s get married!” We totally agree with this, don’t you? ☺

The ceremony was very touching yet still relaxing. There were moments where it made the guests laugh and cry a few times. They finished the ceremony to a roaring applause and the newly wedded couple walked around the property to get some location shots.


Wayandah was the name of their property, and Andrew and Dagmara told us that when they bought the property, they watched an ad about it that said something like, “They fell in-love, and they fell in-love again, with Wayandah”. We think that it is totally true as we fell in-love with Wayandah, and every time we watch the video we fall in-love again 🙂 We walked around the venue and it created the perfect backdrop for Andrew and Dagmara. The sun was bright and the natural scenery represented a perfect Australian outdoor wedding. When the sun was starting to set, the light was being awesome as it was the glorious golden hour. We were able to capture perfect shots of the couple with amazing natural lights. Guy Evans was a really chilled and relaxed photographer too which helped us a lot.


Once we finished walking around the venue with the couple and bridal party, the guests were gathering around the lawn and we opened the celebration with some touching speeches. It was indeed refreshing to have the speeches outdoors in the garden especially just before sunset. We used some of the speeches in the highlight as we felt it evokes joyful emotions.

After sunset, the real party is began under the marquee. The couple entered the marquee to a roaring applause and Rutherford Entertainment made sure everyone was enjoying the whole experience. The saxophone player was also a big hit and everyone danced the night away to celebrate Andrew and Dagmara’s love.

Congratulations to Andrew and Dagmara!

Mt Macedon Wedding

Photographer: Guy Evans Photography

DJ: Rutherford Entertainment