“Kiss me with rain on your eyelashes, come on, let us sway together under the trees, and to hell with thunder!”

What a beautiful (and surprisingly fitting) Scottish poem that was read by Matt’s lovely mother at the reception. This poem, accompanied with Matt suggesting “hey, why don’t we just run in the rain.. I think it would make a cool shot”, made for a truly remarkable wedding day and an equally unforgettable wedding film.


Our totally down to earth and lovable wife to be, Amanda, spent her morning getting ready at the Quest in Williamstown. Whilst on the otherside of the bay, Matt was getting ready at a funky Airbnb in the Docklands. Both of their mornings were filled with laughter, drinks and a dozen quirky Polaroid snaps! (Did we mention how rad these guys are?!)


We then made our way to Scienceworks for their industrial but totally stylish & chic wedding ceremony. Now most brides would freak out if it started torrentially raining as they were about to walk down the aisle.. not our Amanda though! She took it all in her stride and this is one of the many reasons we totally dig her! After a completely quirky & heartfelt ceremony, conducted by the brilliant Matt Finch, it was time for their location shoot.


We were joined by our new pal Aleksandar Jason Photography and headed over to the Williamstown Botanical Gardens. Just when we thought the rain had eased, it came back in full force and was pouring down. Not deterred by the weather, our lovebirds ran into the rain and insisted we start capturing footage(Once again, did we mention how much we love these guys?!)


For their reception, we made our way back to Scienceworks which was styled to perfection… including the green forest inspired cake! After some great speeches and a hilarious story on how our lovers met and got out of the friend zone.. Matt swept his new wifey up into his arms and took her straight to the dance floor where they all partied the night away.

Photographer: Aleksandar Jason

Venue: Sciencework

Celebrant: Matt Finch Celebrant