5 Of Our Favourite Wedding Celebrants in Melbourne

5 of our Favourite Wedding Celebrants in Melbourne


It’s your big day. You’ve already booked an amazing videography package with Iconic Pictures and now you need to fill in those missing blanks.

Iconic Pictures has had the privilege of working with some amazing vendors across various fields and in the following series of blogs you’ll find our favourites and their contact details.

In this blog we will be focusing on wedding celebrants. Your wedding celebrant is perhaps one of the most important parts of your wedding (besides us of course). The wedding celebrant is there to officially kick off your life as a married couple so it is important to choose this person carefully.

Having been in the wedding business for many years now, we have been able to work with many wedding celebrants. What is immediately obvious is that each celebrant will bring their own flavour to the ceremony, regardless of their legal obligations. The truely great celebrants will keep your audience engaged with anecdotes regarding the couple, a few jokes here and their and their unique personality. Regardless of who you pick, one thing is for sure, every wedding celebrant is full of love.

The following are 5 wedding celebrants we recommend (in no particular order)


Meriki Comito

Meriki is one of the finest celebrants we have worked with. Although maintaining a level of professionalism that is required for wedding celebrants, Meriki is not afraid to get personal. She will come from her loving heart as she recites the unique story of your relationship with your significant other. Meriki is a calm and collected soul who will ensure that the least amount of stress is placed upon the couple. Her relaxed nature will allow everyone in the audience and at the alter to bask in the feeling of love that surrounds every wedding.




Paul Bonadio

Witty. Funny. A self proclaimed Stand-up celebrant. Paul is one of the funniest celebrants we have had the pleasure to work with. His personality will have your audience hanging on his every word as he tells the story of your love. If you’ve ever experienced a boring ceremony, then hire Paul. He’ll ensure that every person is cackling in their seats. Although Paul has a comedic side to him, he also comes with an incredible warm and tender heart. He practically bleeds love and it is evident in his ceremonies.




Sharon the Celebrant

The one word we can think of to describe Sharon is fun. This short 3 letter word has a bunch of positive implications for your wedding. After all, everyone wants to have fun at a wedding. Sharon will engage your crowd, working with you to deliver the most authentic and entertaining story of how you two first met. She is able to hype up a crowd like no ones business.




Anthony Cribbes

Anthony is one witty, funky celebrant. His jokes and sense of humour will ensure that your audience doesn’t miss a single word. Furthermore, the heard-it-all before, boring ceremony is non-existent with Anthony. He will tailor the ceremony specifically to the bride and groom which will ensure that your wedding is wonderfully unique. Anthony believes that life should be an experience so you can be sure that you and your audience will leave your ceremony unable to forget it.



Nat Sproal

This fun, calm and cheeky celebrant always has the couple in mind. She is one of the most loving and caring people we have seen up at the alter.  Perhaps it is due to her commitment to the 5 Cs. Confidence, Connection, Capability, Calmness and Creativity. Nat is one confident person who is always looking to connect with her clients and is able to calmly assure them of her capability in creating one creative and fun wedding. She is full of good vibes and goes above and beyond to ensure that every couple has their dream ceremony.





Your wedding day is one of the most important in your life. You are about the marry the person of your dreams and embark on a life long adventure of love, laughter and happiness. It only makes sense to have that life kicked off by an amazing wedding celebrant. Each and every celebrant is full of love and will always look to kickstart your married life with an amazing ceremony. The above mentioned celebrants are some of our favourites that we have worked with and we assure you that you will not be disappointed