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Hola, and welcome to Iconic Pictures!


We’re a small team of talented and passionate videographers and editors with years of experience in the wedding industry. First and foremost though, we are storytellers.

The story of your wedding day will be one of the most precious of your lifetime. That’s why it’s such a privilege for us to bring these stories to life. So far, we’ve captured hundreds of weddings so we know what works and what doesn’t. In fact, one of our videos won the Gold Award at the AIPP Video Producer awards and our rad clients give us rave reviews on Facebook.

Most importantly, we know that every story is different – and therefore every wedding film we make is different too. By ‘different’ we don’t just mean grabbing a random soundtrack and calling it done, we’re talking about an exclusively handcrafted, premium approach from beginning to end. We get to know you and your quirks in preparation, capture the tiny beautiful details on your day, find the perfect music to complement your footage, and bring it all together in a blow-your-socks-off video that is undisputedly, remarkably ‘you.’

Telling your story, in your way, is what we do best.




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Who you are


Melbourne’s wedding scene is truly special in the sense that it is a melting pot of many different cultures and backgrounds, with an atmosphere that encourages relaxed, chilled out weddings – the best kind, in our humble opinion!

You’ll really value our approach if you’re planning a wedding that’s a little bit different – non-traditional, more rustic and relaxed in style, perhaps even a little bit grungy or edgy. Whether your venue is a beautiful winery or an industrial warehouse, we love working with people who see perfection in imperfection – because we see it too. It’s this ability to capture the hidden beauty and emotion that really sets us apart, and makes you and us the perfect match!


Our philosophy


Very simply, our philosophy is to tell your story, your way. That’s why our films are all so unique.

On the day, we take a really candid approach – encouraging you and your guests to just be yourselves rather than directing you and getting in the way. Not only does this make things more enjoyable, it makes for much more genuine and meaningful footage too. We’re super friendly, so we’ll blend into the crowd and make you and your guests feel completely comfortable. After all, we believe the only rule for weddings is – you’ve gotta have fun!

Years from now, your video should be a reminder of the extraordinary day you had – not how much work you had to endure to get the right shot or pose. Together, we’ll make your special day memorable for all the right reasons.





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What next?


If you feel like we might be a good fit, you probably have some more detailed questions. Awesome! We’ve covered the ones that pop up most frequently here, but if yours isn’t there feel free to get in touch.

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